Smarter At Home Blood Testing for Heart Health!

Smarter At Home Blood Testing for Heart Health!

We’ve been testing for heart health the same way for about 50 years! A cholesterol test that measures LDL, HDL, Total Cholesterol and Triglycerides has been the “go-to” test for almost 5 decades. Surely we’ve learned more since the 1970’s about how to evaluate for heart attack and stroke risk! Well. The short answer is: we have. 

This begs the question then: why haven’t our tests changed…at all?! Well, that has something to do with a little thing called profit. 

Here’s how the system works, and has worked for the past 50 years:

1) we test for LDL cholesterol and prescribe a statin drug if LDL is over 100 mg/dl.

2) Drug companies make billions.

3) Statins provide minimal improvement in heart disease, most comes from reduction in smoking, blood pressure control and screening. And statins cause side effects.

4) Repeat process perpetually to transfer billions from the public to the pharmaceutical industry.

The truth is that we know LDL isn’t the primary cause of heart attacks, but the inertia and profits associated with LDL testing and statin therapy are so massive they are continuing unabated.

At CardioMetaboliQ we offer more complete testing, not just the same old LDL/statin approach. And we offer a safe natural effective nutritional answer to cardiometabolic disease: MetaVasc®️ capsules!

With proven ingredients like Curcumin, Berberine, Citrus Bergamot, Artichoke and Chromium Picolinate, MetaVasc®️ helps support healthy cholesterol, blood sugar, inflammation and vascular function.

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