About CardioMetaboliQ™

CardioMetaboliQ™️ LLC was created by functional medicine specialist, Dr. Steven Bennett DC. The primary purpose of the company is to deliver integrative, comprehensive and actionable health information into the hands of the patient, easily and affordably.

It can be challenging to access good quality diagnostic testing, especially in rural or remote areas. With the CardioMetaboliQ™️ Home Blood Test, quality cardiometabolic testing is available anywhere the US Postal Service goes.

The company, and the CardioMetaboliQ™️ Home Blood Test, are a significant step towards improving the visibility of these areas, empowering people to take charge of their cardiometabolic health and wellness.

Our mission at CardioMetaboliQ™️ LLC is to make it convenient and affordable for everyone to thoroughly examine and address their cardiometabolic health. The CardioMetaboliQ™️ test is a substantial step along this path.

The CardiometaboliQ™️ at-home blood test is a safe and affordable way to help you take control of your health and live a longer, healthier life.

Your CardioMetabolic™️ HealthReport

The results of your CardioMetaboliQ™️ Home Blood Test are designed so that you can review them on your own and gain tremendous insights into your health and how to improve it. It is also strongly recommended that you review the report with your licensed healthcare provider. They will find useful data and insights in the report to foster your team approach to optimal health and wellness.