CardioMetaboliQ Home Blood Test is HSA/FSA Eligible! Get next generation confidence in your health!

Corporate Wellness Programs

▪️At-home testing for remote workers.

▪️Test-Educate-Supplement-Test Program (T.E.S.T. Program) with durations of 3,6,9,12 months. All inclusive cost as low as $550/employee.

▪️Leading edge assessment to uncover residual risk.

▪️Assess and reduce heart health and metabolic risk factors.

▪️Validated and affordable protocols to foster reliable improvement and risk reduction.

Your job is making sure your company is humming along smoothly and profitably. Our job is knowing how to help you keep it that way…and in the world of health and wellness, we’ve got a few things that are top of mind.

If you’ve seen the news lately, it’s no secret that a large portion of our population is struggling with the management of their weight, metabolism and heart health. As we witness the steady decrease in metabolic, cardiovascular and liver health, and it is hard to overstate the financial impact of these trends.

Because these disease states develop silently, people often aren’t aware that their health is in jeopardy until things have progressed to serious levels.

That’s where CardioMetaboliQ™️ comes in. We give you three distinct advantages over traditional health and wellness preventative care:

1) We check the whole cardiometabolic system, heart, liver and metabolic function. Standard panels just don’t.

2) We test in ways that assess beneath the superficial testing of standard blood labs. We uncover “residual” risk, the kind that causes heart attacks in people whose labs are “normal”. The kind that doesn’t show up in a simple cholesterol panel, or with basic inflammation and blood sugar assessment.

3) We provide thoroughly researched corrective measures, using diet, exercise and nutritional supplementation to make changes attainable and engaging.

Our T.E.S.T. Program starts with a CardioMetaboliQ test, paired with interactive web education, daily supplementation and follow-up testing. Pricing based on number of participants and duration of program.

Please send us a note at with “Corporate Wellness” in the subject line, we will reach out promptly to discuss how we can help. With CardioMetaboliQ™️ on your team, you’ll be able to do well by doing good!