Why should I take the CardioMetaboliQ™️ test?FAQ's

Because the vast majority (93%) of US adults have less than optimal cardiometabolic health! And it’s much more than just a typical blood test. Most tests just give you a bunch of numbers on a report and a little bit of context. Most of this hasn’t changed since the 1970’s. CardioMetaboliQ™️ gives you context, current insights and best of all, clinically validated nutritional tools to make substantial changes in your health. And predictive calculators to plan your path back to vibrant health!

What makes CardioMetaboliQ™️ better or different than other testing?

Two major differences:

1) CardioMetaboliQ™️ uses CCI’s (critical cardiometabolic indexes) that give much more useful insight into your cardiometabolic health than plain lab values. (You get those too!)

2) CardioMetaboliQ™️ not only shows you where to improve, but it provides actions and nutrients to make progress. And membership makes the cost of testing and nutritional supplements more than affordable!

What is tested on the CardioMetaboliQ™️ test?

Here’s a partial list of the markers and indexes tested: 

Inflammation (hsCRP) - Fatty Liver Index - Anthropometric Insulin Resistance Indexes - Hemoglobin A1C - Visceral Fat - Metabolic Syndrome Score Calculator* - GGT - Fasting Glucose - LDL - HDL - TC -  TG - Heart Risk Calculator* - Advanced Lipid Indexes - Liver Function - Oxidative Stress Index - Body Composition - Metabolic Rate Calculator* - CardioMetaboliQ™️ Index..and more!

*membership required

How do I take my test & get my results?

Taking the test:
After a 12 hour fasting period, just follow the instructions, prick your finger (lancets included), and place 4 drops of blood on the ADX-100 card; then mail your sample to the lab in the postage paid package. We highly recommend that you watch the instructional video for tips to make the sample process fast and easy.

Getting your results:
We include priority prepaid postage for quick turn-around, so you will have your results within just 4-6 days of mailing in your sample. You’ll be able to access your lab results on your smart phone, and you will also receive a 12 page personalized report via encrypted email.

Is my data safe?

Your data belongs to you and no one else. Once your CardioMetaboliQ™️ report is created and emailed to you via encrypted email, all data is automatically destroyed. Please maintain a secure copy of your report, as CardioMetaboliQ™️ will not be able to provide an additional copy without retrieving your data from the lab and re-running your report. This will required a signed request from you.

Are CardioMetaboliQ™️ samples analyzed in accredited laboratories?

Yes! Every CardioMetaboliQ™️ test sample is processed in CLIA/CAP Certified Laboratories. The specific company used is industry leading CRL Corporation.

Can I use my FSA/HSA card to purchase CardioMetaboliQ™️ tests?

CardioMetaboliQ™️ is covered by most HSA/FSA programs. If your credit card is accepted by our payment system, we will perform the CardioMetaboliQ™️ test. It is possible that the HSA/FSA administrator will later request documentation to validate the expense.

We can provide a standard descriptive letter to help you in this process. However, the decision to grant reimbursement rests ultimately with the plan administrator. Please email info@cardiometaboliq.com to request a copy of this letter.

What is insulin resistance? Is it important?

Insulin Resistance (IR) is extremely important! IR occurs in the earliest stages of cardiometabolic dysfunction, even before your blood sugar and A1C start to rise. We measure IR in two special anthropometric ways to give the most clinically valid data. IR is literally the “canary in the coal mine” for your overall cardiometabolic health.

Can I find out my 10 year risk of a heart attack?

Yes, in the Subscriber’s section on the website, you can find our 8 online CardioPredict BioCalculators. The appropriate calculator will allow you to easily find out your 10 year ASCVD risk based on nationally recognized research. There are 7 additional online cardiometabolic BioCalculators provided for members who want to explore their health even more!

How does this test measure my risk for diabetes?

The CardioMetaboliQ™️ test assesses a number of factors scientifically proven to correlate to future diabetes risk: blood sugar (A1C & FBG), visceral fat, inflammation, insulin resistance (TyG-WC) and more.

I feel pretty good..do I really need to test my cardiometabolic health?

Yes! A major national study in 2018 found that only 6.3% of US adults were in optimal cardiometabolic health. We hope you are the 1 in 15 adults with optimal cardiometabolic metabolic health..but wouldn't it be nice to make sure?

I’m only 40, do I really need to worry about my heart?

Studies show 40% of 18-44 year olds have insulin resistance, which increases your risk for cardiovascular disease, and metabolic disease. Early detection is critically important!

Does this test check for Fatty Liver?

Yes! CardioMetaboilQ™️ is the only test currently that provides a Fatty Liver Index result. Fatty Liver Index (FLI) is one of the 10 Critical Cardiometabolic Indexes provided in your report. FLI is a research-validated indicator that shows your risk for Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD), and is used as a surrogate marker for assessing risk for atherosclerosis as well.

Does this test check for Pre-diabetes and Diabetes?

CardioMetaboliQ tests your risk markers for Pre-diabetes, Diabetes, Fatty Liver, Metabolic Syndrome, Heart Disease, and much more.

I’m carrying 10-15 lbs of extra weight, will this test help me with that?

The CardioMetaboliQ™️ test shows how much this extra weight may be increasing your health risks. Even better, it gives you several validated action steps and supplements to help manage your weight and health effectively!

This seems like a lot of information, will I be able to understand it?

We hear you! If you just want an overview, just review the first few pages for the CardioMetaboliQ™️ index and the CardioMetaboliQ-10™️ steps to better health. You can also dive into the “details” and “empowerment” sections for plenty of information to satisfy even the most curious mind!

Why is it important to test the liver on a heart health test?

The liver is the main producer and regulator of cholesterol in your body. Your liver plays a critical and fundamental role in heart and kidney health, as well as dementia and diabetes.

I don’t like taking vitamins, can I do other things to get healthy?

Most definitely! We actually recommend healthy diet and exercise as first line steps towards better cardiometabolic health. Supplements can and do help substantially, but are not generally mandatory for good health if you can manage diet and exercise effectively.

What is the “empowerment” section all about?

The “empowerment” section (Section C) guides you more deeply into the how and why of cardiometabolic health. We step through the major factors and how they affect our systems and overall cardiometabolic health.

Members may also access the online CardioPredict™️ BioCalculators...these calculators allow you to experiment by adjusting various health parameters and biomarkers, showing you clearly how to make changes to lower your health risks. This is a very powerful and useful resource.